Our products: quality for any occasion

Here at Accolade Rosettes we supply a wide range of high-quality rosettes and sashes to a wide range of clients.


Rosettes are traditional items that can easily be given a modern twist and provide economical and personalised solutions to a huge number of applications. The scope of what can be achieved is very broad from simple to-the-point designs that can be produced in the hundreds or thousands, for example for political campaigns, to intricate one-off designs presented as a special gift that will be treasured forever.


Sashes are perfect for making the wearer stand out whether they be champion livestock, a person promoting a brand or a Bride-to-Be on her hen night! Whenever they're used sashes always add a real sense of occasion.


We also supply lapel badges, award ribbons and competitor numbers and can therefore meet almost all of your show needs.

If your need for rosettes fits into any of the categories shown above then we're sure we can meet your requirements as we already supply to others for that purpose. If you have another use in mind then get in touch as we're always keen to add something new to the list!