Stock Rosettes

Ideal if you’re on a tight budget or time schedule, these rosettes are available off the shelf. The placing rosettes are available from 1st-6th (S01-S06). The awards “Clear Round” (SCR), “Special” (SSP) and “Highly Commended” (SHC) are single tier rosettes in assorted colours. The awards “Champion” (SCH), “Reserve Champion” (SRC), “Best in Show” (SBS) and “Reserve Best in Show” (SRB) are 3 tier rosettes. All have a brooch pin fixing as standard.


Please note: These items cannot be personalised with your own text or colours. If you need rosettes fast with some personalisation why not visit our Special Offers page to see what's available.


Reference  Award     Price  
S01 1st £0.60
S02 2nd £0.60
S03 3rd £0.60
S04 4th £0.60
S05 5th £0.60
S06 6th £0.60
SCR Clear Round £0.50
SSP Special £0.50
SHC Highly Commended £0.50
SWD Well Done £0.50
SCH Champion £1.00
SRC Reserve Champion £1.00
SBS Best In Show £1.00
SRB Reserve Best In Show £1.00

No VAT to add.